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Austin Bursey grew up in a small town in the Eastern Townships of Quebec among a family of woodworkers. Beyond a means of earning a living, woodwork has always been a medium for creative expression for the Bursey family. Austin apprenticed at a young age under his father, Gary Bursey, who specializes in the discipline of handcrafted Shaker style furniture.

Image by Ugne Vasyliute

After several years of working as a conventional carpenter in the construction industry, Austin yearned to return to the calm environment of a woodworking shop where he could focus on honing his creative skills on more meaningful projects. He has often derived his inspiration from the wood itself as raw material. Each type of hardwood has its own beautiful yet complex properties which can be worked to create truly unique products that are an expression of the tree from which it was harvested.


This transformative notion inspired him to create a line of handcrafted urns that commemorate the lives of loved ones who are all unique in their own ways.

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